Tuesday Update: Exciting News from Happy Cat Cafe!

Happy Cat Cafe is weeks away from opening! We don’t know how many, but weeks 😀

Welcome to the new Happy Cat Cafe website! We hope you like it 😀 It’s still a work in progress, but soon you will be able to make a reservation for the first seats in Happy Cat Cafe in mid April (our goal, please don’t hold us to it).


The last two weeks have been incredibly busy, but so much progress is being made.

  • We met with the Health Department and are working on our licencing. We are making final decisions on menu design, cafe design, and equipment. We are also organizing and finalizing relationships with local bakeries and food distributors. If you would like to work with Happy Cat Cafe, please email us happycatcompany@gmail.com.
  • We have brought on an amazing interior designer and enlisted the help of Catostrophic Creations for amazing cat furniture to catify our space. They are amazing, please check out their website here: http://www.catastrophicreations.com/ and follow them on Facebook!
  • We have become a etsy wholesaler and started reaching out to local business that would like to merchandise in our store. Please contact me if you are interested in selling products in Happy Cat Cafe.
  • We are having a meeting with our potential coffee roaster this week to finalize this partnership.
  • I studied for and took my ServSafe exam! Fingers/paws crossed I passed 😀 We’ll find out tomorrow!!

We will continue to update on these items as they happen on this blog and on Facebook!


Happy Cat Cafe
Happy Cat Cafe Construction


For those interested in employment, we will ANNOUNCE on this blog, and all social media when we are ready to hire! Due to the huge amount of resumes I am receiving, you must wait to fill out the application on the website when it becomes available.

For those that have not received rewards:

All tiers except $40 Tshirt and $100 Best bundle will receive rewards when the cafe opens.

If you have not received your T-shirt, please email me or message me on Kickstarter and we can arrange shipping, meeting, and exchanges when we open!

For those I have not responded to yet, or those I have contacted me but not received your T-shirts. I have them in the shop. It would far easier (and cheaper) to arrange a meeting at the shop to pick up. If you are out of state or country, I will get them in the mail in the next two weeks! We are far over budget on the T-shirt shipping.

Every spare moment I have I am working on this cafe! Thank you for being so patient and understanding.

Don’t forgot to follow us for updates!


  1. Hi Kati,
    Carly and I met with you way back in the beginning at your parent’s house! I just want to say congratulations and also let you know that I am happy to help if there is something I can do! Also, I know Carly would love to also, maybe put some of her art work in the café. Please keep us in mind.

  2. Thanks for the update! Drove by the other day and am way too excited. 🙂