Update: Cross Posted on Clowder group

Update: A cellphone store is likely going to get the location on Wealthy. We will be looking at 5+ more locations next week.

We know everyone is so excited for us to open, but we really need to find the right location to make this a successful business! Besides finding our home, we’ve been hard at work on the cat cafe.

We are looking for a local coffee roaster, local pastry providers, local cat furniture makers, local artists, and other vendors for our cafe products. If you, or someone you know is interested in a partnership, please have them email happycatcompany@gmail.com.

We spent over $2000 on equipment for the cafe last Thursday in an auction. We got some amazing deals on an espresso machine, coffee grinder, refrigeration unit, display case, furniture, and decor. We are still looking for slightly used equipment and furniture to re-purpose in the cafe.

We are thinking of planning a Clowder party to try out our new espresso machine and test out our coffee flavors. Keep an eye on Happy Cat Events page for all the latest updates!


  1. Hello! I was a Senior Software QA Engineer in a former life (before I retired) and couldn’t resist coming over to see your new website before it was formally launched. Thought you might like to have a comment on one of your posts to see if things are working correctly. I hope all is going well with the property search. I only wish I could be there for the grand opening. I miss my Asiakitty so much and we’re not allowed to have pets in our apartment, so I am glad I could be a part of your new Cat Cafe. Good luck! Hugs from the UK, Michelle G 😉

  2. This is such an exciting time. You are all doing what I have dreamed of for years. More power to you and I hope all goes according to plan.
    That being said, I am a (fairly) local photographer that would absolutely love to be of service to the cafe. You can reach me at the email provided or through my website at http://www.yardbirdstudio.com
    I am not sure what direction you are going with the decoration of the cafe walls, but if you are looking for photos of cats, I would be happy to donate some.
    Cannot wait to visit when you open.
    All the best!