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We are currently only open for events. You can book events here:

For the latest updates please visit our Facebook page :

When will you be opening?

We are currently open for pop-up events. Our goal for opening fully is Summer 2017.

Can I get a job at the Cafe?

You can apply to Happy Cat Cafe at this link:

How can I be involved?

I have created a group for those who want to be involved at a deeper level called Clowder “a group of cats” on Facebook. Please click link to request to join. We have fun discussions, contests, and clowder members get all the inside info on the cafe!

Can my shelter partner with you?

Please contact us directly to see how we can help!

Can I bring my own cat?

No, I’m sorry you’ll have to leave your fuzzy friend at home. The cafe is a place for shelter cats to get a second chance at adoption, so you will be able to take one of our cats home with you!

What is a Cat Cafe?

A cat cafe is a coffee shop or lounge that is combined with a cat adoption center. Imagine enjoying a gourmet espresso and house baked pastry, all while a purring cat sleeps on your lap. The cats are benefited by socialization with humans and are exposed to potential owners. They also have the opportunity to roam free, and in turn municipal shelters are able free up cage space (that means less euthanized cats). The cafe also acts as a community location for cat/pet lovers, volunteers, and activists. Our number one goal is to help cats find loving homes.

Why Does Grand Rapids Need a Cat Cafe?


Everything you purchase online or in the cafe helps cats. We want to help cats get out of shelters and find their forever homes. By partnering with local shelters, we can foster 10-15 adoptable cats at a time. Portions of profits will also benefit local cat shelters.


There is a real need for this niche cafe in the Grand Rapids community.  Pets have many physical and mental health benefits to their human friends. As metropolitan areas continue to grow, more people move into apartments that often don’t allow pets. Students away at college and young adults that don’t want the commitment of a pet are also benefited by the cafe!


I was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and I can’t imagine starting a business anywhere else. I want to see Grand Rapids grow and prosper! The cafe will benefit the Grand Rapids community by bringing awareness to cat adoption, helping shelters, and encouraging the growth of tourism in Grand Rapids.With the boon of tourism from the Pure Michigan campaigns, the new slogan will be Beer. Art. Cats.

Do you have frequently asked questions you’d like answered? Please contact : HappyCatCompany@Gmail.Com

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